We’ve turned 10!


Intentional, bold, and forward-thinking, our refreshed brand reflects our diverse team of optimistic creatives, who believe in each other and the power of inspiring action through human connection. We are so excited to share this with you and reaffirm our commitment to being the best possible partner in supporting your efforts.

Ten years ago, a bunch of folks from President Obama's campaign digital video team founded this company with a simple goal: collaborate to produce exceptional content for great clients.  In other words, let’s make a living doing what we love.


From the beginning, time was against us. We had less than a week to create a pitch deck and present our creative idea. Within twenty four hours, we received the great news that we were selected for the project and now had two weeks to prepare for the production in Mexico City. Nobody told us this was going to be easy, we knew the obstacles and we needed to be extra organized to make this a success. We were working remotely from our different desks across the United States and our Mexico crew consisted of over +30 people, DP, camera operators, gaffers, sound operators, and in field producers. We were fully equipped with a strong team.


Tommy Holmberg

Senior Producer


Hardpin Staff

Saimon Kos




Will Hyler

Supervisor of Motion Graphics and Creative


As trailblazers in the digital space, we have always understood the value of reaching an audience where they are.  As forums continue to evolve, one thing continues to be true: powerful content breaks through and drives action.  We take pride in our longstanding partnerships, aiding clients in reaching their audience and making a positive impact.

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"Streamy Awards Place Holder. Change Later"

Our roots are as much political as they are digital. We will continue to support Democratic causes and campaigns, while always thinking about how an ever-changing media landscape impacts how we tell powerful stories.  We remain curious and flexible in how we approach our craft, confident that our best work comes out of working with, not for, our clients.

When you need a trusted creative partner who can help you drive action, we hope you’ll continue to think of us.

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Convention Across America

Hardpin was tasked with creating over 40 videos for the Democratic National Convention, both for the convention itself as well as promotional videos. The Washinton Post called it “award-worthy television.”

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Movement Live by Michelob Ultra

Hardpin used light and rhythm to capture the energy of this 600-person spin class party in Mexico City for AB InBev.

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Global Leadership Awards

For the fourth year, Hardpin partnered with Vital Voices to create the Honoree films for their 22nd Annual Global Leadership Awards.