Movement Live by Michelob Ultra

AB InBev

Hardpin was invited by Ab InBev to pitch for Movement by Michelob Ultra, Mexico City — an international event with over 600 people attending an exercise class with Fitness Guru Akin Akman from AARMY and a concert with Miami Horror to celebrate. However, Michelob Ultra wanted something unique that would convey the same euphoria of the live event throughout their video campaign. 

Hardpin’s creative team focused on incorporating rhythm throughout, knowing that it would be the key to capturing the heart-thumping, fun energy of the live event itself. When our pitch was chosen against the other 5 agencies, we were pumped to get started. But, there was a challenge ahead.


From the beginning, time was against us. We had less than a week to create a pitch deck and present our creative idea. Within twenty four hours, we received the great news that we were selected for the project and now had two weeks to prepare for the production in Mexico City. Nobody told us this was going to be easy, we knew the obstacles and we needed to be extra organized to make this a success. We were working remotely from our different desks across the United States and our Mexico crew consisted of over +30 people, DP, camera operators, gaffers, sound operators, and in field producers. We were fully equipped with a strong team.


Tommy Holmberg

Senior Producer



Alejandra Barrera-Arjona




Will Hyler

Supervisor of Motion Graphics and Creative


From the beginning, time was against us. We had less than a week to develop creative, and just two weeks to prepare for the production in Mexico City. We worked remotely with a blend of US based staff and a Mexican crew of more than 40 people to capture and prepare for the live event.

After two days of scouting in Mexico City, and a marathon 16-hour filming day, we’d captured an impressive amount of footage. Hardpin’s streamlined post team turned a tight three-week deadline into an all-out effort, executing on more than 40 deliverables. Caffeine played a role, too.

Ines Garza, Brand Manager

Michelob Ultra

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"Streamy Awards Place Holder. Change Later"

Ines Garza, Brand Manager

Michelob Ultra

The Movement by Michelob Ultra campaign slogan was: "It's only worth it if you enjoy it." This statement resonated with us at Hardpin, as we believe that when we love what we do, we do it with passion and purpose. International logistics, multiple agencies and stakeholders, and a fast-moving production can stress a team. In those times we double-down on clear and kind communication and the relentless organization of details.

The Michelob Ultra Movement Campaign with over +40 videos was seen across Canada, United States, Mexico and Brazil. Akin Akman loved the videos and featured them on his social media.

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