Noah Meisner - Executive Producer

Noah has produced pieces for Facebook, Legendary Pictures, Fusion, and many more.

In 2012, he oversaw post-production workflow for a team of 30 people that produced more than 1,000 videos as post-production supervisor for Obama’s 2012 video team. He delivered more than 30 live-streams for President Obama, Jay-Z, Bruce Springsteen and others on the campaign trail.

  Saimon Kos   -   Head of Production

Saimon Kos - Head of Production

Saimon got his start in live production at MTV during the hay day of Total Request Live. Since then, he's produced and directed live streams for HBO, FOX, Legendary Pictures and others. 

In 2012, he traveled with President Obama, directing pop-up live-streams for rallies, events and speeches. He helped develop the live video strategy that became a staple of the campaign, broadcasting live from every barn rally in Ohio and cornfield in Iowa. 

  Adam Wisneski   - Creative Director

Adam Wisneski - Creative Director

Adam started in photojournalism at a local newspaper, where he learned to find and capture the essential parts of a compelling story. 

During 2012, Adam traveled with President Obama as his backstage cinematographer, capturing every stop at donut shops, firehouses, and events along the way. Adam helped drive home Obama's authenticity and personality through telling moments.  

Since then, he's traveled with Mark Zuckerberg, Hillary Clinton, and others to help bring their personalities online. 


Tom Miller - Cinematographer / Editor / Director

Thomas spent 2012 directing the Obama campaigns video efforts in the battleground state of Ohio where he shot, edited and produced videos that turned the Buckeye state blue. After the campaign, Thomas returned home to Indiana to direct his first feature documentary, One Day in April.

  Mark Meatto   -Director/Producer

Mark Meatto - Director / Producer

Mark directed, shot, produced, edited, recorded sound and even designed posters for his first theatrical feature film, How To Grow a Band. Before that, Mark studied under legendary filmmaker Richard Leacock.

In 2012, Mark served as an editor and producer on the Obama video team.


Christopher Markos - Director / GFX

Chris is a Director, an Emmy Award Winner, a person and a dreamer. His goal has been to capture people’s attention, communicate ideas, and tell stories that touch people's emotions. He's driven by the desire to motivate people to think and to act. From main title sequences, to documentary film, to commercials and the most-watched video of President Obama's 2012 re-election campaign, Chris creates films that resonate with audiences.

  Kimberly Pellnat   - Editor

Kimberly Pellnat - Editor

Before editing more than 100 videos for President Obama’s 2012 video team, Kimberly racked up 11 years as a pro editor and producer in New York. She spent time behind the camera for ABC News Buffalo and also produced Nickelodeon promos.

  Sasha Fornari   - Motion Graphics

Sasha Fornari - Motion Graphics

Throughout the entire campaign, Sasha incorporated and animated various design elements into nearly all of the president’s online videos, using motion graphics to explain some of the most complicated topics, such as student loan reform and the prescription drug donut hole.