Markle Foundation: Rework America

The Markle Foundation approached us to help them launch a fantastic book project they had recently completed about the monumental changes facing the American economy. The book was meant to lend advice and synthesized research to American entrepreneurs about how the economy was transforming in what Markle calls The Connected Age. 

Our task was to bring the economic principles in the book to life. We needed two things: A short, scripted piece that would play at the launch event to get people excited about the book, and personal stories that spoke to the transformational economic changes. 

We collaborated with talented writer and journalist Ben Montgomery to come up with a script that would serve as a pep talk to the American entrepreneur. 

For personal stories, we dug into the characters referenced in Rework America. After making contact with several of the entrepreneurs in the book, we made arrangements to tell their stories in three short online pieces. The challenge, as usual, was to tell authentic powerful stories while communicating the messaging around the book and initiative of the Markle Foundation. So we kept our crew small, we kept the interviews conversational, and by doing that, we kept the potential for authentic stories to come alive. 

The results were some short, powerful personal stories that could translate a few principles from the book, while encouraging people to find out more on their own. 

Mike Donnelly - Youth Build

Jay Rogers - Local Motors

Mississippi's Golden Triangle