India launch event is Facebook's initiative to connect the rest of the world to the Internet. Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook are putting major resources behind partnering with mobile operators in countries all over the world to provide basic services to everyone with a mobile phone, for free. had already launched in a few African countries before they launched in India. But India was seen as a big step given it's the world's second most populated country. was holding a launch event that was open to the press and they needed a piece of storytelling to set the mood before Zuckerberg's speech. 

A Facebook producer and HardPin's creative director and DP, Adam Wisneski, teamed up with two goals in mind.

First, they wanted to make a compelling 60-second piece that told the story of someone who was making big things happen with a simple connection to the Internet. This piece would play before Zuckerberg took the stage. 

HardPin collaborated with Facebook and story finders and journalists on the ground to find Naresh, who was using his internet connection as a grassroots journalism service for India's poor, rural villages. 

Second, they wanted to make a piece that documented some of Zuckerberg's visit to the country and how India's popular prime minister Narendra Modi and Zuckerberg were working together to connect India's 1.2 billion people. 

Later, Facebook and HardPin worked to repurpose and repackage that valuable content into multiple products for events all over the world, including the United Nations and the Mobile World Congress.