The Resistance

 The Women's March in New York City

The Women's March in New York City

 One day after Donald Trump was sworn into office millions of people around the world marched in support of Women's Rights and equality. Like lots of folks, we're not sure what's going to happen next. But on Saturday we got our first look at what the resistance to President Trump will look like. 

We spent 8 years moving America forward and we're not ready to lose ground on that progress. Neither are millions of other Americans. The Women's March was the start, but there's a lot of work to do. 

At the march in NYC I connected with a friend, her husband and their daughter. My friend is about 6 months pregnant with their second child and was experiencing serious discomfort. To quote her "it feels like my hips are disintegrating." That didn't slow her down for a moment. She's acutely aware of what's at stake under the current administration. Equality, education, healthcare to name a few. So we marched. For equality, for the America we believe in, and for her children.

I was struck by the number of families marching together. This protest was about more than a single issue. It was about human rights. Respect. Decency. And yes, equality. I saw mothers pushing kids in strollers holding signs stating "I am the future of America." Little girls on their father's shoulders wearing shirts saying "Please Don't Grab Me." A little girl pointed to a sign with a picture of Donald Trump and asked her Dad "why does it say that?" The sign read "This Pussy Grabs Back." He explained it to her as best he could. She couldn't have been more than 5 years old. It was heartbreaking. But, it was also motivating. There is serious work to be done.

Hopefully these pictures inspire you to join us in the streets next time. One thing is certain, whether it's protesting or canvassing. We will need you.

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