Romes- Believe

One of HardPin's latest collaborations is a music video for the band Romes called Believe, full of natural vulnerability, unyielding strength and astonishing cinematography. I was able to ask director Ben Kutchins a few questions about the experience of the shoot and what inspired the beautiful moments in the video.

CC: The first thing that struck me about the video was how difficult it must have been to shoot on the NYC subway, with the constant noise and crowds of people. How does the subway add to the filming experience and the overall message of the video?

BK: The subway can be an intense place. It can be soul crushing and disorienting but it can also be a place to connect with humanity. 

CC: Why did you choose to film strictly in black and white? Is this a favorite of yours? 

BK: I envisioned it being in black and white from the first time I heard the song. I'm often inspired by classic black and white photographs so I never looked back from that choice. 

CC: I was captivated by the woman in the video, her overall look and demeanor. What inspired her character into the video? 

BK: We all have demons that we are fighting. I thought a strong young woman, aware of that and fighting against it made for a dynamic character. 

CC: What was the most memorable moment while filming? 

BK: We shot the whole video in about 10 hours, which is extremely fast. We shot during one if the biggest snowstorms in New York's history, so there was a five foot bank of snow all around us. The label didn't want snow in the video so that was an interesting challenge.