Insta360 Nano


We've been experimenting with 360 degree shots as a new and innovative way to capture the beauty of a moment. Shooting in 360 allows you to expand the perspectives you want to show your audience, taking the viewer for a spin and eliminating the square confinements of an original camera lens. Instead, the audience sees the entire scope surrounding the character as if they were actually standing in the moment with you as you shoot. 

It's a fun, amped up take on the iPhone camera's panoramic view but if you are technologically challenged like myself, your never get it just right. I normally have to edit the picture afterwards and crop out the jumbles and scratches where I went to fast or strayed from the line. 

The Insta 360 Nano offers a solution. It is the perfect accessory for new filmmakers and photographers trying experiment with 360 shots and videos without breaking their budget. A small device which attaches to the lightning port of your phone, the Nano allows you to produce live streams, pictures and videos all in a spherical 360 degrees. Nano also easily transports your product to social media venues, allowing you to share your creativity with a couple of swipes.

With surround sound pick up and 126 GB of storage, the Insta 360 Nano is light and thin so you can easily remove it from your phone and stick it in your pocket for convenient travel. It has a F2.0 Lens, 3040*1520 resolution and an 800 mAh battery. The Nano also fits into the most frugal directors budget and is perfect for up and coming filmmakers (especially my fellow college students.) The Nano cashes in at just over $200 making it significantly cheaper than other 360 cameras on the market, some which cost almost 60k. The Nano also comes equipped with a Tf card slot, micro USB port and a microphone jack.

Another interesting element to the Nano is the VR cardboard; a separate device that holds the phone to the viewers eyes, working like 3D glasses. Your shot can become an interactive experience for the audience in real time during live feeds and streams. With just a swipe of their finger, your audience is launched into a 360 experience.   

Be warned; the Nano is not compatible with all smart phones so I recommend doing some outside research before placing an order on Amazon. The release date for the Nano is July 31st (Potter fans be ready) and also available for download is Insta 360 Player and Explorer for further instruments to guide creative spectrum.