Bargin Hunting

Last week I talked about why I took a used Fuji X-Pro with me on a trip to Paris. Despite being a little long in the tooth, at it's used price of $400 the camera offered an excellent price/performance ratio. In that spirit we pulled together a list of 5 other pieces of gear that are better values now than they were at launch.

The Sony FS700: We highlighted this camera in our last post, but the FS700 is easily one of the best values for the money right now. The internal codec holds up better than it ought too in post and when you combine the camera with Odyssey 7Q or Atomos Shogun you get access to a ton of features that aren't even available on newer cameras like the FS7.  

The Canon C100 MK 1: For a lot of us this camera was a total head scratcher when it was announced. With literally no stand out specs and priced to compete with the FS700 at $6,000 the C100 landed with a thud. And then people started shooting with them. Wide DR and Canon LOG made for beautiful footage and the camera could be used without any kind of rig. This was the camera to own for a lot of working videographers. With the release of the Mark II, which offered basically modest upgrades, the original version can be had for $2,000 on the used market - which is a total steal. Partner this up with a Atomos Ninja and you've got a trusted broadcast ready camera. 

RX100 MK 2: The first RX100 was a huge success, David Carr at the New York Times called it the best point and shoot ever made and scores of photographers agreed. At $800 it was an expensive proposition but with new models having been released every year since the MK 1 was released in 2013 the price has plunged considerably. Mark I's can be had for about $200 and the MK 2 which saw important upgrades (24P video and an electronic hotshoe) can be found for not much more. Compact cameras are basically a terrible financial investment as the value plummets almost immediately. High end compacts are even worse, but the technology inside these cameras continue to exceed the demands of most users even now. If you want something better than your iPhone that still fits in your pocket the MK 2 is the camera for you.  

ATOMOS Ninja MK 2: Atomos greatly expanded the capability of tons of prosumer cameras by giving them the ability to record in broadcast approved codecs. Cameras the FS100 and C100 became workhorses when combined with the Atomos Ninja. Today the Ninja Mk 2 can be had for about $400 and the cost of an SSD (which is also going down) giving your C100 or even a 5D3 the ability to record to ProRes to an affordable media. 


Canon 1DC: This camera is still probably not a "deal" per se, but compared to what it cost at its release in 2012 it's a steal. Launched with a $12,000 price tag folks looking for a Canon DSLR that shot 4K to CF cards had to decide between buying a car or a 1DC. Not a ton of folks opted for the camera, but it's built a strong reputaiton on film sets as a B/C/Crash Camera camera. These can be had new for $8,000 which is still pricey, but with used prices pushing towards $6,500 the 1DC is starting to make more sense.